Meteorologist Operational Internship Program (Edmonton, West) - 2017

Note:  Only one MIOP course in 2017

Take 2

Top  row (l to r):  Yimei Li, James Colangelo, Jeff Miller.
Middle row: 
Kyle McAuley, Ty Hardy, Francis Adamo.
Front row:  Thomas Anderson, Samantha Roch, Jennifer Kowal, Greg Yang Kam Wing, Morgen Shull, Jim Tirone.

Take 2

Top to Bottom (l to r): Jennifer Kowal, Samantha Roch, Jeff Miller, James Colangelo, Francis Adamo, Jim Tirone,
Ty Hardy, Thomas Anderson, Yimei Li, Greg Yang, Kam Wing, Morgen Shull, Kyle McAuley.

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