The Changing Atmosphere: Implications for Global Security

Conference Held in Toronto, Canada, 27-30 June 1988

(Photos courtesy of Howard Ferguson and Zephyr / scroll down for all)

for identies, see enlargements below

Enlargement - Left

to r (all rows, 16 people): Jean-Guy Cantin, Gilles Tardif, Julia Carter, Blair Kuntz, Julie Young (hidden), Ed Millar, Barb Grogan, Una Ellis, Lise Paradis, Doug Russell, Jean Degaust, Brenda O'Connor, Henry Hengeveld, Environment Minister Tom McMillan, Hans Teunissen, Howard Ferguson.

Enlargement - Right

back row (left to right):  Stewart Cohen, Merlyn Persaud, Jean-Guy Coté, David W Phillips, Andrew Budden, Joan LeDrew, Gordon Black.
front row:  Howard Ferguson, Alvin Godin, Nicole Sauvé, Marg Costa, Heather Mackey, Darlene Marchand, Michael Peters, Marion Hurlburt.

Awards to Conference Secretariat - 25 August 1988

l to r:  Stewart Cohen, Al Godin, Barb Grogan, Conference Secretary Gordon McKay, Howard  Ferguson, Nicole Sauvé and Henry Hengeveld.

From Christmas 1988 Zephyr:  Declaring that so many AES employees had made outstanding contributions to this summer's World Conference on the Changing Atmosphere that he could only name individuals "symbolically'', ADMA Howard Ferguson handed out both group and individual awards to members of the loosely defined Conference Secretariat at an AES Downsview ceremony held August 25, 1988. The two persons singled out for Personal Achievement Awards were Nicole Sauvé and Henry Hengeveld. As the picture shows they were joined by the group recipients.  Addressing a large audience of well wishers in the Auditorium, Mr. Ferguson also read out a list of other employees who had helped give the Conference its huge aura of success, as part of a remarkable team effort.

Collage of Individual Photos

Minister MacMillan, Prime Minister Bruntland, Elizabeth May

Rod Shaw, Ian Rutherford, Diane Houle

Minister MacMillan, Prime Ministers Bruntland and Mulroney

Howard Ferguson


Hans Martin - "Quotability Award"

Following the Changing Atmosphere Conference, Dr. Hans Martin, senior advisor to the Federal Long Range Transport of Pollutants Office (LLO) scored very high on the quotability scale in 1988.

First, he got front page treatment in the Globe and Mail's Quote of the Day last spring when he said, "We have been conquering nature for 200 years.  Now we have to realize that we are beating it to death.  The economic system is dangerously out of date when dealing with the environment".
Then, on December 30, when this same newspaper published its selection of annual quotations, Dr. Martin's quote headed the list.  This certainly makes the statement of AES's number one acid rain expert the quote of the Year.

above published in the February / March 1989 issue of Zephyr

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