The Changing Atmosphere: Implications for Global Security

Conference Held in Toronto, Canada, 27-30 June 1988

(All photos courtesy of Howard Ferguson)

for identies, see enlargements below

Enlargement - Left

l to r (all rows, 16 people): Jean-Guy Cantin, Gilles Tardif, Julia Carter, Blair Kuntz, Julie Young (hidden), Ed Millar, Barb Grogan, Una Ellis, Jean DeGaust, Doug Russell, Lise Paradis, Brenda O'Connor, Henry Hengeveld, Minister Tom MacMillan, Hans Teunissen, Howard Ferguson.

Enlargement - Right

back row (left to right):  Stewart Cohen, Merlyn Persaud, Jean-Guy Coté, David W Phillips, Andrew Budden, Joan LeDrew, Gordon Black.
front row:  Howard Ferguson, Alvin Godin, Nicole Sauvé, Marg Costa, Heather Mackey, Darlene Marchand, ?, Marion Hurlburt.

Collage of Individual Photos

Minister MacMillan, Prime Minister Bruntland, Elizabeth May

Rod Shaw, Ian Rutherford, Diane Houle

Minister MacMillan, Prime Ministers Bruntland and Mulroney

Howard Ferguson


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