Photo Collage, 53rd CMOS Congress

Montreal QC, 8-18 July 2019 **

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All names are identified, if known, from left to right.
Some identifications are needed (if names are not known - see "?" opposite a number).

If you want to identify someone, correct an error, or get a high-resolution copy of any photo, please contact the archivist.

** SPECIAL NOTE: The 53rd CMOS Congress took place as part of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) General Assembly.  Programs, sessions, social events and other activities associated with a CMOS Congress were under the IUGG umbrella. 

The CMOS Awards Banquet was held on 11 July and the majority of photos shown here were taken at the Banquet.  A few were taken earlier and are noted below.

Part 1
- Award Winners at the Banquet, 11 July 2019

this link to view all award presentations

Use direct links below to winners who were present

Harinder Ahluwalia, Richard Boudreault, Sisi Chen,
Hai LinMichael Newark, Elizabeth Pattey

Part 2 - Other photos at the Banquet, 11 July 2019

1 Banquet Hall
2 Bertrand Denis
3 Denis Bourque, Paul Kushner
4 Denis Bourque, Paul Kushner, Elizabeth Pattey
5 Dominique Paquin
6 Émilie Bresson, Sebastien Biner
7 Gilbert Brunet (back), Michel Jean
8 Gordon Griffith
9 Gordon McBean, Dominique Paquin
10 Kim Strong 1
11 Kim Strong 2
12 Laurence Coursol
13 Michel Jean
14 Paul Kushner
15 Paul Kushner
16 Jack Virgin
17 Malcolm Bowman
18 Tom Beer, Douw Steyn, ?
19 David Fissel, David Greenberg, Harinder Ahluwalia
20 Michel Jean, David Grimes
21 Kim Strong 3

Group Photo after Banquet

Part 3 - Earlier Photos


Photos credit
:  © F. Lamontagne; Photos 20 & 21 - Tom Beer

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