Photo Collage, 51st CMOS Congress

Toronto ON, 4-8 June 2017

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A.  GOES-R Training Workshop and GOES-R Readiness Session - 4 and 6 June 2017

Group Photo of GOES-R Workshop Participants - 4 June 2017

GOES-R Readiness In Canada Session - 6 June 2017

1  Group Photo of GOES-R Readiness Session Convenors and Speakers
2  David Bradley
3  Ron Goodson, David Bradley
4  Tim Schmit
5  Wayne MacKenzie, David Bradley
6  David Sills, Hong Lin
7  Christopher Schmidt
8  Victor Chung
9  Paul Ford
Scott Lindstrom

Opening and Plenary Speakers

Opening - 5 June

1 CMOS President Martin Taillefer opens Congress

2 Opening venue, Toronto Rooms, Hilton Hotel

3 Bernadette Jordan, MP (representing Minister, DFO)

4 Glen Murray, Minister of Environment, Ontario

5 Roger Wakimoto (President, AMS)

5.1 Ellie Highwood, President, RMetS (video)

6. Karen Grimes, David Grimes, Howard Wheater, Roger yakimoto, Ron Bianchi, Glen Murray, Bernadette Jordan, ?

7 Ron Bianchi, LAC Chair and Roger Wakimoto, President of the American Meteorological Society (background: Douw Steyn, Fiona Robertson, Amir Shabbar)

8 Martha Anderson, Ron Bianchi, Glen Murray, Bernadette Jordan, Roger Wakimoto, Martin Taillefer, Gordon McBean

9 Ron Bianchi, Glen Murray, Bernadette Jordan, Roger Wakimoto, Martin Taillefer
Plenary 3 & 4 - 6 June

0 Ron Bianchi opens session

1 Steve Goodman

2 Steve Goodman

3 Plenary audience and venue

4 Claire Martin

5 Christian Haas, Claire Martin in audience

6 Claire Martin, Gordon McBean in audience
Plenary 5 & 6 - 7 June

1 Katja Fennel

2 Christian Haas

3 David Fissel asks question

4 Charles Lin, Bob Jones (foreground)

5 Jim Drummond

Plenary 7 & 8 - 8 June

1 René Laprise

2 Hal Ritchie asks question

3 Dianne Saxe

4 Gordon McBean and Dianne Saxe


C.  Registration, LAC, Breaks and Miscellaneous

Registration Desk

1 Ralf Bauer, ?
2 Allison Barrett, Jill Taylor
3 Allison Barrett, ?, Brittney Cooper
4 Allison Barrett, ?,
5 ? (centre), Oliver Watt-Mayer (background right)
6 Allison Barrett, Felicia Kolonjari
7 ?, Robert (Bob) Rabin, ?
8 ?, Robert (Bob) Rabin, ?, ? (partly hidden), Janti Reid
9 ?, Oscar Koren (background), ?

Local Arrangements Committee (LAC)

1 Ron Bianchi, Ram Yerubandi, Dominique Brunet (side)
2 Alanna MacKenzie, Amir Shabbar
3 Gordon Griffith, Martin Taillefer
4 Felicia Kolonjari
5 Sarah Knight (side), Tsoi Yip
6 Alanna Mackenzie
Breaks & Miscellaneous

1 Gurpreet Singh
2 Carol Moogk-Soulis, Sarah Knight
3 Seyedehnasrin Mostafavipak, Ralf Bauer
4 Kevin Olsen, Raif Bauer
5 Kevin Olsen, ?
6 Kaley Walker,? (background), Felicia Kolonjari
7 Wayne Richardson, Jim Young
8 René Laprise, Youyu Lu
9 Ivan Semeniuk, Gordon McBean
10 Bob Jones, Maria Latyszewskyj
11 Claudie Carpentier
12 Douw Steyn
13 Brittney Cooper, Rachel Modestino
14 Gordon Griffith, Wayne Richardson, Jim Young, John Mills
15 Gordon McBean (side), Elizabeth Page, Greg Byrd
16 Darren Verge, Christian Haas

Breaks & Miscellaneous

17 Douw Steyn poses with Data Models and Analysis, as one of the editors of special anniversary publication of highest impact papers in Atmosphere-Ocean

18 Ellen Gute
19 Zilefac Elvis Asong, Andre Erler
20 Shannon Hicks
21 Gurpreet Singh
22 Zahra Vaziri
23 Claire Martin
24 Ziwang Deng
25 Aldona Wiacek
26 Xiaofan Luo, Yujuan Sun, Chengyi Yuan
27 Ralf Bauer
28 Norman McFarlane, Kimberly Strong
29 Dan Weaver, Claudie Carpentier

D.  Patterson Lunch - 6 June 2017
1 Luncheon venue, Toronto Hilton, Toronto Rooms
2 Buffet line
3 Ron Bianchi welcomes David Grimes who will present Patterson Medal
4 David Grimes and René Laprise
5 René Laprise speaking after receiving Patterson Medal

Table 1
Table 2
Table 3
Table 4
Table 5
Table 6

Patterson and SCOR award presentation photos are at this link:

E.  Public Lecture Changing Weather Extremes Why it isn't an "Alternative Fact" by Francis Zwiers - 6 June

1 Global Warming "Time Clock" shown at the beginning
2 Title Slide
3 Venue and attendees in the Toronto rooms, Hilton Hotel
4 Francis Zwiers
5 Francis Zwiers
6 Francis Zwiers
7 Francis Zwiers
8 MC, Gordon McBean, with speaker, in question period

F.  Banquet - 7 June

1 Congress photographer, Dan Weaver (credit and web site below)
2 Ron Bianchi and awards table
3 Ambury Stuart says grace
4 Bob Jones announcing awards
5 Shiliang Shan speaks after receiving Tertia Hughes Graduate Student Prize
6 Keith Thompson speaks after receiving J.P. Tully Medal
7 Ray Garnett speaks after receiving Andrew Thomson Prize
8 Geoff Holland speaks after being announced as a CMOS Fellow
9 Paul-André Bolduc speaks after receiving Neil Campbell Volunteer Award
10 Sarah Knight
11 Martin Taillefer transfers Presidential Medallion to Wayne Richardson
12 Newly-installed President Wayne Richardson
13 Ron Bianchi hands over Local Arrangements responsibility and plaque to Halifax LAC: Clark Richards left: and David Wartman, right

See also:



1 Paul Kushner, ?
2 ?, Xander Wang, ?
3 Francis Zwiers (back), Anne Walker
4 Andrew Leung, ? (side)
5 Tyler Herrington
6 Xander Wang
7 ?, ?
8 Gurpreet Singh, Davis Sills (back)
9 ?, Katarzyna (Kasia) Tokarska
10 Wei Li, ?
11 ?, Anne Walker (background), Bakr Badawy
12 Bakr Badawy
13 ? Anne Walker
14 Eva Mekis, Sarah Knight
15 Peter Taylor, Eilise Norris
16 Christian Ogbonna, Andrew Grace
17 Kaley Walker, Aldona Wiacek
18 Aldona Wiacek
19 Nicolas Grisouard
20 ? Christian Ogbonna
21 Dorothy Durnford
22 Hadleigh Thompson, Samuel Brenner
23 Chengyi Yuan
24 Ellen Gute (with her Campbell Scientific Best Poster)
25 Xiaolin Bai
26 Charles Lin, Riley Bristo, Rachel C. Modestino
27 ?, Daniel Weaver
28 Rodger Wu
29 Rodger Wu, Paul Yang
30 Rodger Wu, Wensong Weng

Exhibit Booths and Sponsors
1 Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (AAS):  ?, Ling Jin, ?
2 ATS Instruments:  David Macphail
3 Campbell Scientific:  Trevor Robertson, Laura Blazejewski
4 CMOS:  Gordon Griffith, Bob Jones, Sarah Knight, Maria Latyszewskyj (background)
5 COMET:  Greg Byrd
6 Congress 2018 - Halifax:  Jim Young (back) Mac MacLeod, David Wartman
7 Hoskin Scientific:  Ken Devine (side), Corey Lunman, Patti Edwards

8 Info-Electronics:  Wendy Borsuk
9 metOcean:  Paul Hill
10 PEARL (CANDAC):  Jim Drummond, Kimberly Strong
11 RBR:  Yan Tsehtik, Doug Schillinger
12 ROMOR:  Darrin Verge, Chris Arends
13 ROPOS (Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility):  Hal Ritchie, Doug Bancroft
14 Selex:  James Gray
15 VAISALA:  Herb Winston

I.  Sessions

1 Patrick Sheese
2 Joseph Mendonca
3 Kaley Walker
4 Kevin Olsen
5 Brittney Cooper (side), Lori Neary
6 Brittney Cooper
7 Jacob Kloos
8 Aaron Coutino
9 Dale Boudreau
10 Andre R. Erler
11 Louis Garand
12 Patrick Hayes, Kimberly Strong, Kelly von Salzen
13 Jean-Pierre Blanchet
14 Patrick Hayes, Kimberly Strong, Manuel Helbig
15 Sébastien Roche, Kenneth Sinclair
16 Ludovick S. Pelletier
17 Zahra Vaziri Zanjani
18 Shannon Hicks
19 Shayamila Mahagammulla Gamage
20 Group Photo - Convenor and Speakers Weather Forecasting Applications (7 June)

J.  Group Photo at Toronto City Hall (Nathan Phillips Square) - 7 June 2017

1 Photographer Dan Weaver and Sarah Knight, prepare for photo

2 Scene at Toronto City Hall prior to arrival of CMOS delegates

3 Copy of photo with no alterations and all background

4 Copy of whole photo including only the CMOS delegates

(in 3 & 4, note the people in the back, centre who were trying to make the word "CMOS" with their upraised hands.  #5 below shows their best effort in perspective)

5. Photo participants try to make "CMOS" with their upraised arms

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of CMOS an attempt was made to photograph the entire congress.  This has not been attempted since the 1967 and 1968 congresses.

The group photo, taken near Toronto city hall, has been divided into three parts with templates made for identification.

Have you been identified??  Check search box below for your name:

**NOTE re Group photo:  In most browsers "control +" and "control -" will zoom the photo segments.

Known to have missed group photo:  Susan Allen, Charles Anderson, Kevin Bowley, Raphaël Brochu, J. Alec Casey, Alex J. Cannon, Mark Halverson, Daniel Jubainville, Sarah Knight (photo organizer), Qing Liao, Hong Lin, Daniel Liota, Youyu Lu, Alain Mailhot, Norman McFarlane, Nadine Mengis, Celeena Mohammed, Duncan Phillips, Sam Pimentel, Robert (Bob) Rabin, Stephanie Shaw, Stephanie Waterman, Aldona Wiacek, Dan Weaver (photographer), Susan Woodbury

Photo Credits
:  Dan Weaver, web site:

Other photographers:  Ron Bianchi, Ken Devine, Hong Lin, Prasamsa Singh ........

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