Photo Collage - 40th CMOS Congress, Toronto 28 May - 1 June 2006


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Icebreaker - 28 May

I1.   ?, Sorin Codoban
I2.   Erica Wilson, Tim Aston
I3.   ?, Felicia Kolonjari, David Flagg
I4:   ?, Ian Folkins, ?,?
I5.   Norm McFarlane, Bill Schertzer, Adam Monahan, Mark Baldwin (one of the plenary speakers), and Ted Shepherd
I6.   Oscar Koren
I7.   Dorothy Neale, Sheila Bourque, Neil and Eleanor Campbell
I8.   Hal Ritchie, Greg Flato, Richard Asselin
I9.   Singer / keyboardist at Icebreaker
I10. Susan Woodbury and Neil Campbell
I11. unknown couple

Opening Plenary - 29 May

O1. Tom McElroy at the podium
O2. Joe Pantalone, Deputy Mayor of Toronto
O3. Tom McElroy and Joe Pantalone
O4. David McKeowen, City of Toronto
O5. Kimberly Strong, session chair
O6. Anne Douglass, opening plenary invited speaker

At Anna Deptuch-Stapf's Exhibit on Old Meteorological Records

A1.  Tim Aston, André Bolduc, Anna Deptuch-Stapf, Bob Jones
A2.  Richard Asselin, Anna Deptuch-Stapf, Bob Jones, Peter Taylor
A3.  Bill Pugsley and Anna Deptuch-Stapf
A4.  Anna Deptuch-Stapf, and Constantine Nenkov
A5.  Alexandre Zucconi, Katrina Tiongson ,Zhuljeta Elezi, Anna Deptuch-Stapf, Alexandre Fischer
A6.  Anna Deptuch-Stapf and Tomasz Stapf
A7.  Harry Lamb and Ken Devine

Other Exhibit Booths

E1. Environment Canada (1)
E2. Environment Canada (2)
E4. Canadian Ice Service (CIS / EC)
E5. Windpower (EC)
E8. Campbell Scientific
E9. CMOS2007 St John's NL

Tables at Patterson / Parsons Awards Lunch - 30 May

T1: standing: Michael Stacey, Doug Bancroft, Jennifer Shore, Johannes Gemmrich, Mike Foreman / sitting: ?,?, Savi Narayanan, Ken Denman, Paul Myers
T2: standing: Richard Asselin, Dorothy Neale, Neil Campbell / sitting: Lise Harvey, Denis Bourque, Sheila Bourque,Uri Schwarz Eleanor Campbell
T3: head table: Susan Woodbury, Candi Zell, Marc Denis Everell, Wendy Watson-Wright, Kim Schmidt, Ian Rutherford
T4: standing: Barry Goodison, Heather Mackey, Gilbert Brunet / sitting: Dave McCulloch, Nathalie Morais-Tiernay, Susan Falla, Michel Béland, Mel Shapiro (a plenary speaker)
T5: standing: S. Emmy Wong, Chi-Shing Wong, Fraser Davidson, Gordon McBean / sitting: ?, Allyn Clarke, André Bolduc, Dick Stoddart, Nadja S. Steiner

Banquet - 31 May

B1.  Ambury Stuart (saying grace at banquet), David Hudak, Susan Woodbury
B2.  David Hudak at podium (banquet)
B3.  Wendy Waston-Wright and Paul Myers
B4.  Fraser Davidson on Next Congress in St. John's
B5.  Cathy Hogan and Sheila Bourque (prizewinner from Newfoundland booth)
B6.  Cathy Hogan and Harinder Ahluwalia (prizewinner from Newfoundland booth)
B7.  Cathy Hogan and Bill Pugsley (prizewinner from Newfoundland booth)
B8.  Ottawa members congratulate Uri Schwarz on winning Neil Campbell Medal for Volunteer Service
B9.  Susan Woodbury hands over Presidency to Geoff Strong
B10. Geoff Strong making first pronouncements as President

Women in Science and Technology Session (WIST) - 1 June

W1. Head table - Susan Woodbury, Nancy Cutler, Anne Douglass, Ann McMillan
W2. Pierre Tourigny
W3. Bob Jones, Ron Hopkinson, Margaret Hopkinson
W4. Giselle Bramwell, Chantale Cerny
W5. Diane Michelangeli
W6. Kim Schmidt
W7. Diane Johnston, Jasmin Paola


1.  Michael Leduc and Robert Kuhn
2.  Dov Bensimon
3.  Media Day - 31 May: Tom McElroy, Gordon McBean, Lawrence Mysak
4.  Sarah Scriver, Sarah Wong, Sylvie Gravel
5.  Public Lecture in Toronto City Hall Chambers (30 May)
6.  Andrew Weaver Speaks at Toronto City Hall (30 May)
7.  Anna Glazer
8.  Josep L. Pelegri
9.  Diane Johnston, Jaymie Gadal
10. Dov Bensimon, Isabel Ruddick, Mark Firmin
11. Ian Rutherford, Heather Mackey and Geoff Strong working on Climate Change Press Release
12. Anne Douglass, Susan Woodbury, Nancy Cutler
13. David Hudak, ?, Jacqueline Gabon, Jasmin Paola
14. Dorothy Neale, Anna Deptuch-Stapf, David Hudak
15. Jasmin Paola, Anna Deptuch-Stapf, Jacqueline Gabon
16. Susan Woodbury, Claude Labine
17. ?, Sarah Scriver at the registration desk
18. Ann McMillan, Nancy Cutler
19. Jaymie Gadal, Sylvie Gravel, David Hudak (LAC in action)
20. Sarah Wong

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