Photo Collage - 34th CMOS Congress, Victoria BC, 29 May – 2 June 2000


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Opening - 29 May 2000

1 Registration Desk - Maria McFarlane, ?
2 LAC Chair John Fyfe
3 CMOS President Ian Rutherford
4 Minister of Environment, David Anderson, via video link
5 ? a Victoria or BC political official
6 Oscar Koren Promotes the Exhibitors
7 Chair of Science Program, George Boer
8 Day One Plenary Speaker, Mike Wallace

Awards Lunch - 30 May 2000

1 Candi Zell, Gordon McBean, Ian Rutherford
2 Gordon McBean announcing Patterson Medals
3 James Drummond after accepting Patterson Medal
4 Peter Schuepp after accepting Patterson Medal

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Exhibit Booths

CICS - ?
DFO Pacific - ?
SCI-TEC Instruments
CMOS - Dorothy Neale, Neil Campbell, Uri Schwarz
Campbell Scientific
MSC Atlantic - ?, ?
MSC - Michel Béland
ESI Environmental - Oscar Koren, ?
York U
MSC Pacific/Yukon - ?, Lori Wallace, Bryan Jensen
ASL - Rick Marsden, Louis Lefaivre, ?
TWN - ?, Ron Bianchi, Charles Lin
Qualimetrics - Richard Asselin, ?

Photo credit:

University of Victoria Photo Services

Banquet - 31 May 2000

Head Table
1 "The Queen", Fred Conway, Peter Taylor
2 John Fyfe
3 Ian Rutherford
4 William Hsieh after accepting President's Prize
5 Geoff Strong
6 Susan Woodbury announcing
the CMOS - Weather Research House Scholarship Supplement

The Band

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CFCAS Announcement

Peter Taylor
Neil Campbell
Gordon McBean

Holding cheque: Peter Taylor, Gordon McBean, Ian Rutherford, Neil Campbell

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