Photo Collage, 32nd CMOS Congress - Dartmouth (Halifax) NS

3 June 1998

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Patterson Award Luncheon

P1:  Head Table - Neil Campbell, Uri Schwarz, Nancy Cutler, Gordon McBean, John Reid, Bill Pugsley
P2:  Nancy Cutler
P3:  Lawrence Mysak
P4:  Des O'Neill, Nancy Cutler
P5:  Lawrence Mysak, Helen Mysak, John Reid, Gordon McBean
P6:  Candi Zell

See also:  Photos of Prizewinners


B1: Paul Simons Jazz Trio B11: Billie Beattie, Dave Patrick, Lori Patrick, Colleen Farrell, Robb Ashley B21: Neil Campbell (background), P.P. Petriello
B2: Brian May, Jacquie White, Mike Dowd (Dalhousie students) B12: Piper, ?, Bill Pugsley, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, John Reid  B22: Richard Greatbatch
B3: Rube and Helen Hornstein B13: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? B23: Pierre Dubreuil (Chair 1999 Congress LAC)
B4: Gordon McBean, Rube Hornstein, Helen Hornstein, Neil Campbell B14: "Piping in" the head table and guests B24: Jeff Irwin (Maritime Comedian)
B5: Dave Mountain, Dave Greenberg, Don Lawrence B15: Gordon McBean, Becky Milo, Peter Smith, Julia Smith, Rube Hornstein, Helen Hornstein, Neil Campbell, Ian Rutherford, Dorothy Neale, Ambury Stuart, Bill Pugsley, John Reid, Clive Mason B25: Ambury Stuart, Bill Pugsley, Rube Hornstein
B6: Jennifer Shore, ?, Susan Allen B16: Clive Mason B26: Rube Hornstein
B7: Jim Hamilton, Dave Baggaley, Merv Jamieson B17: Peter Bowyer B27: Helen Hornstein, Dave Patrick, Rube Hornstein
B8: ?, Bev Merrick, John Merrick, Mary O'Neill B18: Bill Pugsley (incoming CMOS President) B28: Dave Patrick, Rube Hornstein
B9: ?, ?, ?, (Dalhousie students) B19: John Reid (outgoing CMOS President) B29: Richard Greatbatch, Barbara Greatbatch
   B20: Rube Hornstein  See also:  Photos of Prizewinners


E1:  NSOI, Nova Scotia
E2:  International Year of the Ocean with ?
E3:  Envoronment Canada Atlantic Region with Andy George
E4:  Campbell Scientific with Carl de Leeuw
E5:  Canadian Ice Service
E6:  Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society
E7:  Hoskin Scientific and Derek McKeown
E8:  Seimac with Paul Hill
E9:  Seimac

Credits:  The photographer was Steve Korman who graciously made his negatives available to the CMOS Halifax Centre in 2009. Bob Jones scanned the negatives and John Merrick cleaned up many of the photos. Susan Woodbury and John Merrick helped with identifications.

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