CMOS Congress, Ottawa, ON  26-28 May 1982

Archivist's Note:

Just two photos from this Congress have been found.  Both were taken at the banquet, held at Ottawa University, and were intended for publication in either the CMOS Newsletter or the AES employee magazine Zephyr.  Probably the editors decided the details were too small to publish but with 2022 technologies, some participants of this Congress are now seen.  A high-resolution copy of either photo is available.  Please contact the archivist

Larry Campbell speaking after accepting the AES / MSC Patterson Medal

l to r:  ?, Jim Bruce, Sadako Shimizu, Leo O'Quinn (LAC Chair), possibly Ruth Bruce, Larry Campbell (at podium), ? (below Gord Shimizu), Gord Shimizu (back, standing), George Isaac (SPC Chair), Bob Saunders, Carole Saunders.

Len Hubbert accepting the CMOS Rube Hornstein Prize in Operational Meteorology

l to r:  Gord Shimizu, Sadako Shimizu, Leo O'Quinn, Ed Lozowski (presenting), Richard Asselin (back behind Ed, partly hidden), ? (back), Len Hubbert (receiving), George Isaac, Bob Saunders, Carole Saunders, Terry Mullane (side view), ? (distant back), ? (lady, side view).

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