Wayne Richardson

CMOS President 2017-18

After 31 years with the Governments of Canada and Ontario, Wayne retired in 2008 following 10 years as the Director of the $140 million Climate Change Technology Early Action Measures (TEAM) program. TEAM provided early financing for over 135 projects valued in excess of $1.3 billion. TEAM also established the basis for the International Organization for Standards (ISO) greenhouse gas measurement and reporting standards and the Voluntary Carbon Standard. New international project partnerships included technology and trade missions to North Africa, China, India and the Middle East. Wayne spent 1996 in the private sector following a variety of policy, technology, R&D and management roles with Environment Canada. He played a key financing role in the development of Canada's Radarsat I programme and was on the federal R&D management team that accelerated, in an environmentally responsible manner, the development and production of East Coast oil and gas. Private sector and provincial government environmental R&D partnerships were also focused on the development of western Canadian oil, gas, heavy oil and oil sands resources. Wayne managed Environment Canada's technology relationship with the US EPA and was active in OECD and UNEP policy work on international intellectual property management and technology transfer. As part of Canada's 1990's Green Plan, he created three Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Centres and an $80 million annual environmental technology fund that was rolled into the creation of Technology Partnerships Canada. Prior to joining Environment Canada in 1980, he was Senior Environmental Scientist, Great Lakes Surveys Unit, Ontario MOE and was a Planning Engineer with the Toronto Harbour Commissioners. Wayne joined CMOS in 1986 and has served on the CMOS National Executive, on the LAC for two Ottawa CMOS Congresses and is a past Chair of the Ottawa Centre Executive.

May 2022

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