Martin L. Taillefer, CD, B.Sc. (RRMC), M.Sc. (UVIC)

CMOS President 2016-17

Martin (Marty) Taillefer was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec.  In 1981, he was selected to study at Le College Militaire Royal de St-Jean and transferred after second year to the Royal Roads Military College, graduating with B.Sc. in Physics and Oceanography.  He joined the Royal Canadian Navy and served on many Canadian and America Warships over a 20-year career.  He attended the University of Victoria earning a M.Sc. in Ocean Acoustics in 1998, then to become the Pacific Fleet Oceanographer - specializing in environmental analysis for Anti-Submarine Warfare.  In 2001, he retired from the Royal Canadian Navy and began working at General Dynamics (GD) Canada, where he was able to continue his studies in acoustics and sonar design at Penn State (2003-04).  Most his time at GD Canada was working on the Swedish HYDRA Underwater Warfare Suite & Program.  He coordinated and supported the installation of sonar suite aboard the Swedish Navy Göteborg Corvette class vessel, at the Muskö Naval Base, a Swedish underground naval facility on the island of Muskö just south of Stockholm.  In 2006,  Marty was seconded and eventually transferred to the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans Canada as a Senior Policy and Oceanographer Advisor.  His portfolios were varied, mainly devoted to ocean modelling and space-based Remote Sensing.  He was a technical Advisor for RADARSAT- II satellite and for the Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel (OOSV).  In 2010, he stood up a new oceanography and ocean acoustics Company, Maritime Way Scientific.  Maritime Way grew from a home-based consulting company to a leading  underwater acoustics analysis company in Canada.  In 2014, Maritime Way was recognized by the US Dept. of the Interior and the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management (BOEM) as a top acoustic company in North America.

Martin has been actively involved with the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) since 2006, serving for three years as Chair of the Ottawa CMOS Centre.  He was the co-founder of the Arctic Special Interest Group and was a strong proponent of the present CMOS Strategic and Business plan to ensure CMOS sustainability for many years to come.

23 June 2018

Martin (Marty) Taillefer, Toronto CMOS Congress 2017

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