Marek Stastna


Prof. Marek Stastna (Ph. D. Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo, 2001, Professor, Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo 2015-present) is a computational scientist specializing in coastal oceans, internal wave processes, and the mathematical modelling and analysis of climate related processes in the broadest possible sense.  His group has developed unique, high performance computing tools for the study of environmental fluid dynamics.  These tools were applied in settings ranging from those that mimic coastal ocean processes to detailed inter comparisons with laboratory experiments.  He has served on the Board of the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, as a panel member and co-chair of the NSERC Discovery Grant Geosciences EG, and as the Associate Dean Computing (two terms) in Mathematics and the University you Waterloo.  He is an active organizer within the Nonlinear Processes concentration group of the European Geosciences Union. He has been a CMOS member since 2007, a committed organizer of the Dynamics session at the annual CMOS Congress, and served as CMOS President 2020-2021, and has begun to serve as the CMOS Publications Director in 2022.

April 2022

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