Gordon McBean

Dr. McBean is a Professor at the University of Western Ontario, and Chair for Policy in the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction.  Previously Gordon was the Assistant Deputy Minister, Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC); Professor and Head, Department of Oceanography, University of British Columbia; Professor and Chairman, Atmospheric Science Programme, University of British Columbia, and; Senior Scientist, Canadian Climate Centre, MSC, located at the Institute of Ocean Sciences.  Gordon’s early career spanned a wide variety of interests in MSC, including boundary layer research, hydrometeorology and environmental impact research, and weather forecasting.  Gordon has received many distinguished awards (MSC Patterson Medal, CMOS President’s Prize, EC Jim Bruce Award) and has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society and the American Meteorological Society.  Gordon has Chaired and been a Member of enumerable national and international scientific committees, including Chair of the International Scientific Committee for the World Climate Research Programme, and he has published extensively.  Gordon received his Ph.D. in Physics and Oceanography from the University of British Columbia.



URL: https://www.cmosarchives.ca/BIO/gmcbean.html