Donald Norman McMullen


Born in Stonewall, Manitoba on 2 April, 1917 Donald Norman McMullen graduated with a B. A. from the University of Manitoba in 1937.  He joined the Meteorological Service of Canada in 1940 and was on the first course of meteorological trainees for the Canadian Air Service system in Toronto.

During the Second World War he was posted to the Meteorological Office Western Air Command headquarters under George Pincock forecasting for the British Columbia coast and interior of the province to meet military requirements.

In 1949, he became a meteorologist-in-charge of the British Columbia Frost and Wind Warning Service for the fruit industry of the Okanagan and South Thompson regions working out of Penticton during the Spring.  He remained in that role until 1958 when he won a competition to take over the flood control work in Toronto following the devastating flooding of Hurricane Hazel in 1954 and was seconded to the Ontario government.

In 1965 he formed the Toronto Hydrology Group bringing together public and university sectors for interactive lectures on hydrology and general water management. He was the group's president from 1965-77, having meantime also transferred to the Ontario government in 1970.

During his 1970-71 term as President of the Canadian Meteorological Society the society journal Atmosphere was revamped with the University of Toronto Press as publishers and responsible for certain society administrative requirements.  This freed the executive to focus more actively and effectively in furthering the development of the Society at a time when environmental issues were gaining increasing prominence.  He was President of the Eastern Snow Conference 1971/72.

Retiring from the Ontario Public Service in 1977, he continued as a consultant on hydrology/meteorology, and water resource management.

Don McMullen died 9 October 2006 in Mississauga

Don McMullen, 2001

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