2013 Prizewinners / Lauréats des prix 2013

*Awards presented at the 48th CMOS Congress,Rimouski QC, June 1 - 5, 2014

* CMOS Prizes are normally for achievements in the calendar year prior to the congress year and are designated as awards for that previous year. 

CMOS Scholarships and Scholarship Supplements are awarded for the academic year following the congress. 

CMOS Fellows are members so designated at the time of the award and henceforth entitled to call themselves Fellows of the Society as long as membership is maintained.

If award recipients or designates were present, linked names will lead to a photo of their award presentation.

Part One - CMOS Prizes and Awards

CMOS Fellow Announced / Nouveau Membre émérite
no new Fellow(s) announced

President's Prize / Prix du président

not awarded for 2013

J.P. Tully Medal in Oceanography
Médaille de J.P. Tully en océanographie
Peter Smith, Bedford Institute of Oceanography for his project leadership and management, and
his outstanding research of fundamental processes on the Scotian Shelf and in the Georges Bank, Gulf of Maine region

Andrew Thomson Prize in Applied Meteorology
Prix du Andrew Thomson en météorologie appliquée
Douw Steyn, UBC, for his outstanding career-long contributions to the understanding and mitigation of ozone pollution in the Lower Fraser Valley.

François J. Saucier Prize in Applied Oceanography
Prix en océanographie appliquée François J. Saucier

François Roy, Environnement Canada, (RPN-Dorval),
pour sa contribution remarquable au développement et à l'implantation d'un système opérationnel de prévision numérique de l'océan.

Rube Hornstein Medal In Operational Meteorology
Médaille de Rube Hornstein en météorologie opérationnelle
not awarded for 2013

Neil J. Campbell Medal for Exceptional Volunteer Service
La médaille Neil J. Campbell pour service bénévole exceptionnel 

Ian D. Rutherford, for his multi-year contributions to CMOS as a volunteer.
He served terms as Vice President, President, Past President in crucial years for CMOS;
he initiated and supported liaisons with the private sector;
he defined the role of CMOS in governing the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences;
he often represented CMOS within the broader Canadian academic and scientific community, and
in many ways he was the "heart" of CMOS.

Roger Daley Postdoctoral Publication Award
Le Prix Roger Daley de publication post-doctorale
not awarded for 2013

Tertia M.C. Hughes Memorial Graduate Student Prize
Prix commémoratif Tertia M.C. Hughes

two awarded for 2013

Nancy Soontiens, Post-doc researcher UBC, for her excellent thesis entitled:
Stratified Flow over Topography: Steady Nonlinear Waves, Boundary Layer Instabilities and Crater Topography

Neil Swart, U Victoria, for his excellent thesis entitled:
Southern Hemisphere Westerlies and the Ocean Carbon Cycle: The Influence of Climate Model Wind Biases and Human Induced Change

 for outstanding contribution towards promoting public awareness of meteorology or oceanography in Canada
pour contribution d'une façon exceptionnelle à éveiller l'intérêt du public au Canada en météorologie ou océanographie durant l'année précédente

none awarded for 2013

Part Two - Scholarships / Bourses d'études

(CMOS Scholarships and Scholarship Supplements are awarded for the academic year following the congress.)

The CMOS - Weather Research House NSERC Scholarship Supplement in Atmospheric or Ocean Sciences
Le Supplément SCMO - Weather Research House CRSNG aux bourses d'études supérieures en sciences de l'atmosphère ou des océans

Year One / première année

Mathilde Jutras, McGill University, Masters Program in Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences

Year Two / deuxième année

not awarded for 2014

The CMOS - CNC/SCOR NSERC Scholarship Supplement in Ocean Sciences
Supplément SCMO - CNC/SCOR CRSNG aux bourses d'études supérieures en sciences océanique

Year One / première année

not awarded for 2014

Year Two / deuxième année
Jesse McNichol, MIT - Woods Hole Institute, for his PhD studies: Quantifying Energy Metabolism and Associating Function with Taxonomy for Chemolithoautotrophic Microbial Communities at Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents

The CMOS - Weather Network / Météomédia Scholarship
La Bourse SCMO - Météomédia / The Weather Network

Jeanne Blanchette, McGill University (Atmospheric Sciences 4th Year) for academic excellence for her Masters studies: The impact of inertial oscillations on the sea ice mass balance: data and model analysis

The CMOS - Daniel G. Wright Undergraduate Scholarship

La Bourse d'études du premier cycle Daniel G. Wright

not awarded for 2014

Undergraduate Scholarships / Les Bourses d'études de premier cycle

Jeanne Blanchette, McGill University (Atmospheric Sciences 4th Year) for academic excellence

Part Three - Poster Prizes / Prix affiches

Campbell Scientific Best Student Poster Prize in Meteorology
Le Prix Campbell Scientific de la meilleure affiche d'étudiant(e) en météorologie

Ying Sun, McGill University, for poster: A comparative study of the UTLS water vapor in two monsoon regions.

ASL Environmental Sciences Best Student Poster Prize in Oceanography
Le Prix ASL Environmental Science de la meilleure affiche d'étudiant(e) en océanographie

Yann Follin, Université du Québec à Rimouski for poster: Pelagic respiration in the twilight zone of the Gulf of St.Lawrence: A meta-analysis and critical review
[co-authors: Daniel Bourgault, Jean-Pierre Gagné, Karine Lemarchand, Gesche Winkler]

CMOS Best Poster Prize / Le Prix SCMO de la meilleure affiche

Mathieu Ardyna, Université Laval for Poster: Physical control of subsurface chlorophyll maximum in the Arctic Ocean
  [co-authors:  Marcel Babin, Peter Franks, Michel Gosselin, Jean-Éric Tremblay]

Part Four - CMOS Support to Pre-College Teachers / Aide de la SCMO aux enseignants de niveau pré-collégial

I - Project Atmosphere Summer Workshop (2014)

Mr. Zachary Vanthournout (High School teacher from New Brunswick)


II - Project Maury Summer Workshop (2014)

Mr. Daryl Rideout (Elementary School teacher from St. John's, Newfoundland & Labarador)

Part Five - Non CMOS Awards / Honneurs pas SCMO

DFO Timothy R. Parsons Medal (2014) / MPO La médaille Timothy R. Parsons (2014)

Paul J. Harrison is a specialist of phytoplankton ecology and physiology, Dr. Harrison has authored and co-authored over 300 refereed publications on subjects ranging from the physiological ecology of marine algae to nutrient uptake and assimilation by phytoplankton and seaweeds.  His work has been cited over 16,000 times in scientific publications, with almost 6,000 citations since 2009. He has also written three textbooks. Dr. Harrison is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, has won awards for his teaching and international awards for his research.

He has also been a Principal Investigator on three large multi-disciplinary Canadian programs: JGOFS (Joint Global Ocean Flux Study), GLOBEC (Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics), and SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea). He has assumed leadership roles as the President of the Western Canadian University Marine Biology Society, and a member of the Advisory Board of the National Research Council of Canada (Institute for Marine Biosciences) and Venus and Neptune Networks.

Paul J. Harrison est spécialiste de l'écologie et de la physiologie des phytoplanctons, M. Harrison a rédigé et corédigé plus de 300 articles évalués par des pairs, sur des sujets allant de l'écologie physiologique des algues marines à l'absorption et à l'assimilation de nutriments par les phytoplanctons et les algues. Ses travaux ont été cités plus de 16 000 fois dans des publications scientifiques, y compris près de 6 000 citations depuis 2009. Il a de plus écrit trois manuels. M. Harrison est membre de la Société royale du Canada. Il a reçu des prix qui le récompensaient pour son enseignement et des prix internationaux pour ses travaux de recherche.

Il a aussi assumé la fonction de chercheur principal au sein de trois grands programmes canadiens multidisciplinaires : JGOFS (Étude conjointe sur les flux océaniques mondiaux), GLOBEC (Dynamique des écosystèmes océaniques mondiaux) et SOLAS (Étude sur la couche troposphérique à la surface de l'océan). Il a occupé des postes de premier plan en tant que président de la Western Canadian Universities Marine Biological Society, comme membre du conseil consultatif de l'Institut des biosciences marines du Conseil national de recherches du Canada, ainsi qu'au sein des réseaux VENUS et NEPTUNE. 

Link to DFO Information  / lien aux information MPO

MSC Patterson Medal (2013) / SMC La medaille Patterson (2013)

William W. Hsieh is recognized for his outstanding meteorological and climate research, his dedicated graduate student supervision and his generous volunteer service to CMOS.

Dr. Hsieh is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of British Columbia. His research specialty is in developing nonlinear machine learning methods from the field of artificial intelligence and applying them to the environmental sciences. He has over 90 refereed journal publications covering areas of climate variability and prediction, machine learning, atmospheric science, oceanography, hydrology, and agricultural science. He is the author of Machine Learning Methods in the Environmental Sciences, published by Cambridge University Press in 2009. He is a Fellow of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society and a winner of the CMOS President's prize (1999), and has served as an editor in chief of Atmosphere-Ocean. Among his numerous graduate students, three have won the Tertia M. C. Hughes memorial graduate student prize, and one the prestigious WMO Research Award for Young Scientists. He has a B. Sc. in Combined Honours Mathematics and Physics, an M. Sc. in Physics and a Ph. D. in Physical Oceanography, all from the University of British Columbia, and was post-doctoral fellow at the University of Cambridge and the University of New South Wales.

William W. Hsieh (Ph. D.), en reconnaissance de ses travaux de recherche en météorologie et en climatologie, de son dévouement envers ses étudiants diplômés et de son généreux bénévolat au sein de la SCMO.

William W. Hsieh est professeur émérite au département des sciences de la Terre, des océans et de l'atmosphère de l'Université de la Colombie-Britannique. Il se spécialise dans le développement de méthodes non linéaires d'apprentissage automatique relatives à l'intelligence artificielle et applique celles-ci aux sciences environnementales. Il a publié plus de 90 articles évalués par des pairs, portant sur la variabilité et la prévision du climat, l'apprentissage automatique, les sciences atmosphériques, l'océanographie, l'hydrologie et l'agronomie. Il a rédigé Machine Learning Methods in the Environmental Sciences, publié par Cambridge University Press, en 2009. Il est membre émérite de la Société canadienne de météorologie et d'océanographie et lauréat du Prix du président de la SCMO (1999). Il a aussi occupé le poste de rédacteur en chef d'Atmosphere-Ocean. Trois de ses nombreux étudiants diplômés ont gagné le prix commémoratif Tertia M. C. Hughes. Un autre a reçu le prestigieux Prix de l'OMM destiné à récompenser de jeunes chercheurs. M. Hsieh détient un baccalauréat avec double spécialisation en mathématiques et en physique, une maîtrise en physique et un doctorat en océanographie physique, tous obtenus à l'Université de la Colombie-Britannique. Il a été boursier de recherche postdoctorale à l'Université de Cambridge et à l'Université de New South Wales.


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