2000 Prizewinners / Lauréats des Prix, 2000

(Awarded at the 35th CMOS Annual Congress, Winnipeg, MB May 27 - 31, 2001)

President's Prize / Prix du président
(two awarded for 2000)

To Robie W. Macdonald for major contributions toward understanding the pathways and interactions of contaminant chemistry in Canadian waters and specifically for his role as lead-author in the paper "Contaminants in the Canadian Arctic: 5 years of progress in understanding sources, occurrence and pathways" published in 2000 in The Science of the Total Environment, 254, pp. 93-234.

To Francis W. Zwiers for outstanding contributions in the field of statistical climatology, including the application of statistical methods to climate change detection and attribution, and specifically for his highly praised book with co-author Dr. Hans von Storch entitled "Statistical Analysis in Climate Research" published in 1999 by Cambridge University Press.

J.P. Tully Medal in Oceanography
Médaille J.P. Tully en océanographie

Not awarded for 2000

Andrew Thomson Prize in Applied Meteorology
Prix Andrew Thomson en météorologie appliquée

Not awarded for 2000

Prize in Applied Oceanography
Prix en océanographie appliquée

Not awarded for 2000

Rube Hornstein Medal In Operational Meteorology
Médaille Rube Hornstein en météorologie opérationnelle

(Until 1996: Rube Hornstein Prize in Operational Meteorology / jusqu'à 1996, Prix de météorologie opérationnelle Rube Hornstein)

To Aldo Bellon for outstanding theoretical and operational contributions in the field of radar meteorology, and for his pioneering development and application of operational software and products for radar-based nowcasting systems.

Tertia M.C. Hughes Memorial Prize
Prix commémoratif Tertia M.C. Hughes

(two awarded for 2000)

To Adam H. Monahan for outstanding contributions to climate research through his highly rated doctoral thesis on "Nonlinear principal component analysis of climate data" and for publication of numerous first-author papers on climate variability.

To Stephen Déry for his outstanding doctoral thesis on "The role of blowing snow in the hydrometeorology of the Mackenzie River Basin" and his original and innovative contributions to the hydrometeorology of blowing snow and blizzards.


None awarded for 2000

The CMOS - Weather Research House Scholarship Supplement
Supplément  SCMO - Weather Research House aux bourses d'études supérieures

First year Scholarship

To Ronald J. McTaggart-Cowan, candidate in Meteorology, McGill University for outstanding academic achievement and to assist in pursuing ensemble forecasting research in a Ph. D. program.

Second Year Scholarship

To Tetjana A. Ross, Ph.D. candidate in Oceanography, University of Victoria for outstanding academic achievement and to assist in pursuing physical-chemical interdisciplinary research in a Ph. D. program.

CMOS Undergraduate Scholarships

(first year awarded)

To Christopher (Chris) Wielki, University of Alberta

To Julie Sheremeto, York University


CMOS Fellows Announced

Isztar Zawadzki for outstanding research contributions and the development of practical applications in the field of precipitation physics and radar meteorology, ranging from the microphysics of raindrop formation to the use of radar measurements in numerical weather prediction models.

R. Ambury Stuart for innovative research and software development in the field of climate data analysis and applications including climate change impact studies and for leadership to the meteorological private sector in Canada.

MSC Patterson Medal Winner

Edward P. Lozowski
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