Order of Canada to Ken Hare - 29 June 1987 and 4 July 1978


Mr. F. Kenneth Hare

  • Deceased

  • Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Companion of the Order of Canada

o Awarded on: June 29, 1987

o  Invested on: October 28, 1987

Professor Emeritus in Geography at the University of Toronto and Chairman of the Canadian Climate Program Planning Board, he is a former Provost of Trinity College, University of Toronto. A climatologist, his interest lies in natural ecosystem function and he is extensively involved in environmental matter at the national and international level and with the international world study on global change. (This is a promotion within the Order).

Officer of the Order of Canada

o Awarded on: July 4, 1978

o Invested on: October 18, 1978

University Professor of Geography and Physics and director of Environmental Studies, University of Toronto. A world authority on climatology, he brought fame to the McGill department of geography during his tenure there. At Toronto he continues to stimulate new generations of Canadian geographers.

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